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Hi!  We’re Adam and Heather, Generation X bankers turned entrepreneurs.  We moved here in 2004 for our banking careers and immediately fell in love with St. Petersburg.  We worked in “Corporate America” for over a decade but eventually left due to burnout and a recession.  We added a third to our twosome in 2013, and she predictably changed our world and values overnight.  Working for ourselves looked better and better as we could schedule working around our family’s needs rather than sticking to someone else’s schedule.


Our aunt in Brooklyn sells vintage eyewear at weekly markets, and in 2014 (when the first of us left the corporate world), she suggested we do the same in St. Pete as a side business.  We jumped in with both feet and have been building our business ever since.

We search all over the world to source “new old stock” vintage optical frames and sunglasses from the 1960’s through the early 2000’s.  Our trendsetting clients love wearing unique eyewear they cannot find anywhere else.

We (Heather) decided to start the long process of becoming a board-certified, licensed Florida optician in 2019.  We are proud to announce she is almost finished!  She is currently ABO and NCLE-certified (which means she passed the national examinations for dispensing glasses and for fitting/dispensing contact lenses), and she expects to be licensed and board-certified by September 2021. 

We will then FINALLY be able to fill your glasses prescriptions ourselves.  You have been so patient!  

Heather will also fit and dispense contact lenses from our home medical office in South St. Petersburg.  More details to follow.


Thank you for checking us out!

Adam and Heather


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