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We’re Adam and Heather, ex-bankers who became opticians.

  We moved here in 2004 for our banking careers and immediately fell in love with St. Petersburg.  We worked in “Corporate America” for over a decade but eventually left due to burnout and a recession.


We desperately wanted to make a living helping other people outside of our desk jobs.  When we added a third to our twosome in 2013, our "new boss" changed our world and values overnight.  We realized we also wanted to work around our family’s needs rather than sticking to someone else’s schedule.

Opticianry is the perfect fit!

Heather is a board-certified, Florida-licensed, dispensing optician.  Adam is currently an apprentice optician.

We are one of the few independent opticians, which means we decide which brands and companies we support.  We are big advocates of promoting sustainability and other small local businesses whenever possible, so we specialize in offering the following sustainable eyewear options:

1.  New Vintage

We search all over the world to source “new old stock” vintage optical frames and sunglasses from the 1960’s through the early 2000’s. 

When you buy a new vintage frame, that's one frame that doesn't need to be manufactured again.  This is a sustainable choice because the eyewear is already in circulation.

2. Eye Q

Eye Q Eyewear is a small, local Tampa Bay eyewear company.  We offer discounted lens pricing with these frames in conjunction with our local lab, Sunshine Optics.

When you buy Eye Q, you are 100% supporting local throughout the entire process of making your glasses.  We source the frame locally, we cut the lenses locally, a local courier transports your job order back and forth, and then we dispense it locally from our home.

3. Karun

Karun Eyewear is a small eyewear company in Patagonia who makes glasses from discarded fishing nets and pieces of metal on the beach.  The owner employs local people from his fishing village to pick up the trash, and then they melt it down to create a new material they can use to make eyewear.

When you choose Karun Eyewear, you're giving second life to marine trash!

4. Your Frame

Do you have a favorite pair of glasses you'd like us to put new lenses in?  We're happy to re-use your old frame, as long as it's in good condition.

 We have our optical shop in our home in South St. Petersburg.  You can set an appointment online any time.

We also attend local open-air markets occasionally.

Thank you for checking us out!

Adam and Heather


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Address: 1699 Alcazar Way South 

St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Phone: 727-748-5525





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