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  • Do you buy old frames and glasses?
    Yes, but we only purchase frames or sunglasses that are "new old stock," not used vintage. "New old stock" means it's authentic vintage but hasn't been sold at retail yet. You are the first owner. We only sell new old stock.
  • Where do you find all these frames?
    We find them all over the world, and now, sometimes they find us.
  • How do I know if my prescription will fit into the frames I want to buy?
    Please email us a copy of your prescription for our review. We have a 30-day return period on frames.
  • How do you know it's vintage?
    We look at the style, design, manufacturer, frame material, packing material, and country of origin to determine the frame's age.
  • What does "board-certified optician" mean?
    I completed additional training and testing so I can fit and dispense soft contact lenses as well. I do not offer this service just yet, however.
  • What makes you sustainable?
    We support sustainable opticianry in several ways: 1. We encourage patients to re-use their old frames, if they'd like, rather than buy a brand-new one. 2. We sell new old stock vintage frames, which means you're choosing a frame that has already been manufactured and is in circulation. It does not need to be produced again. 3. We sell a line of frames from a local frame company, Eye Q Eyewear, who is right here in Tampa Bay. That means less shipping! 4. We offer Karun Eyewear, which is a small, independent frame company in Patagonia who make their frames out of recycled fishing nets and recycled metals trash-picked from their shorelines. 5. We partner with a locally-owned, small, independent lab here in Tampa Bay to make our lenses. Again, less shipping! 6. We donate used glasses to The Lion's Club. They match the existing prescriptions to people in need of eyewear.
  • Do you offer eye exams and write prescriptions?
    No. You need to see an optometrist or ophthalmologist for an eye exam and to receive a prescription. My family and I have patronized many local doctors and recommend several: Dr. Andrew Diaczyk Optometrist Mariner Optical 4887 34th St. S. St. Petersburg, FL 33711 Ph. 727-864-4047 Dr. Anthony Szetela Optometrist Walmart Optical 3501 34th St. S. St. Petersburg, FL 33711 Ph. 727-867-5128 Dr. Austin Mason Optometrist Mason Eye Clinic 5712 5th Ave. N. St. Petersburg, FL 33710 Ph. 727-344-0800 Dr. Mark Smith Optometrist The Optical Shop 620 10th St. N., Ste. 2C St. Petersburg, FL 33705 Ph. 727-824-7150 Dr. Lee Shettle Ophthalmologist Lee Shettle Eye & Hearing 13113 66th St. N. Largo, FL 33773 Ph. 727-674-2500


Address: 1699 Alcazar Way South 

St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Phone: 727-748-5525





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